The EPA Awarded the Highest Manufacturer Adjusted Fuel Economy in America to Mazda

This accolade is no small honor, and we are proud to earn this title for the fifth year in a row! When you consider the large amount of car manufacturers all selling cars in the United States, it's no small feat to win this award, especially for five years running.

Since 1975, the EPA has been testing tailpipe emissions from vehicles in order to determine trends and ensuring that each manufacturer is complying with EPA standards. The laboratory data they collect is taken and adjusted to reflect real-world scenarios and expectations. The term adjusted shouldn't throw you off, the manufacturer isn't adjusting the data to score higher, it's a scientific adjustment meant to mimic the fuel economy numbers you would get in real life driving.

New for this round is an updated calculation for adjusting the fuel economy values. Adjusting methods gives a more accurate value when calculating fuel efficiency ratings. The overall score for Mazda was 29.6 mpg, which reflects a .3 mpg increase over the previous year.

What does this mean for you?

This means that no matter which model you choose, be it car or SUV, you know you're getting the advanced technology you want and need for your life in Colorado. Visit our online inventory day or night to find your perfect Mazda, or stop by our showroom in Colorado Springs today to experience the benefits in person. Our helpful staff is here to guide you through the buying or leasing process from start to finish.

[1] For more information please browse the EPA's full report

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